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This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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Allie Maillard Millinery Hat Measure Machine ConformateurAllie Maillard Conformateur Millinery Hat Sizing / Measuring Machine  This unusual device dates from the 19th century when hat making was evolving into an art form and hat makers needed tools designed to help them in their endeavors.  It has a great look and will be a welcome addition to many collections, or from what I have seen put back into use making one of those new custom hats that are so popular.  The overall condition is nice and it is operational noting one missing pin, a few glued pins, and some minor damage to the tips of a few others. (see pics) 

There are sites on the internet that have lots of historical info on these Hatter's Hat Making Tools, and  lots of examples show up with a Google image search.  There is even a site that deals with restorations of them.    Nice!!

Good  . . . . .  $895.00     SOLD!

Silver Plated Lamp FillerSilver Plated Lamp Filler  This Victorian era lamp filler is in exceptional condition. The mark on the base is for the S. Sternau & Co. a famous maker of metal goods.  A great piece.

Fine  . . . . . . $155.00   SOLD!!

Le Count Patented 19th Century Cribbage / Whist & Euchre BoardLe Count Patented 19th Century Cribbage / Whist & Euchre Board   This unusual patented cribbage board is in like new condition in its original box.  One end of the board is stamped with three different patent dates.     It has a sliding door on each side to hold a deck of cards and the pins used to keep score.  One sliding door is also stamped with patent info.  There are no cards or pins.  A great piece of for the collection, or use!

Good +  . . . . . . $35.00     SOLD!!

E. Kelsey's July 25 1865 Patent Paper Knife / Book Page TurnerE. Kelsey's July 25 1865 Patent Paper Knife / Book Page Turner The condition is wonderful.  You can find examples and some info on these with a Google search, but all the others I saw were half wood and half ivory.  This example is all ivory and in wonderful condition. 

Fine . . . . .$65.00            SOLD!

Antique Vacuum CleanerThe Success Pump Vacuum  The Success came in several versions over the years, and the red ones are the earliest and hardest to find.  The bellows are OK but look fragile.  I do not think this unusual vacuum would stand up to daily use.  Think of the coordination and skill it would take to operate it.   Crazy 

Very Good . . . .$175.00            SOLD!

The Magic Carpet Vacuum  This is one of the more interesting and graphic of these antique vacuums from Americas past, and it is in quite nice condition considering its age.  I am no expert on these devices and began buying and selling them years ago just because I was intrigued with the design and idea.  It is amazing how many different variations there are, and this must have been a hot market just before the advent or at least widespread availability of electricity in America.  I have seen two person examples, water powered ones and a slew of other designs all intended to make the life of the housewife easier back near the turn of the century.  Imagine for a moment if the "energy crisis" ever got really bad and you had to resort to this type of device to clean the house.   Wow!

Good + . . . . .$125.00           SOLD!

Coleman Parts DisplayColeman Parts Display   Lots of Lantern & Stove Parts are included in their original jars.  Wow!

Good + . . . . .$650.00                  SOLD!

Red Coleman 200 A LanternRed Coleman 200 A Lantern  Like new in the box.  Wow!

Good + . . . . .$125.00            SOLD!

Red Coleman 200 A Lantern1967 Red Coleman 200 A Lantern  The condition is near new / minty nice. It looks like it was used once and put back on the shelf for nearly 50 years. When I got it the handle was stored in the box not connected to the lantern, so it has not been banging it all these years. I see one 1/8" or so chip in the red paint on the rim. Lots of original paperwork / instructions and a pack of mantles are included. The pics pretty much tell the rest of the story. Very Nice!!

Good + . . . . .$195.00            SOLD!

Double Oval McCormack Spool CabinetDouble Oval McCormack Spool Cabinet  This is one of the harder to find of these.  I saw the guy in front of me buy this right, i got to buy it from him right, and now you can buy it from me.  Right.  That is how it should work.   Wow!

Good + . . . . .$1750.00                  SOLD!

Oak Hardware Parts Cabinet 220+ Drawer Oak Hardware Parts Cabinet   This is a great General Store or Hardware Store parts cabinet.  There is a label attached at the base that gives the maker and location in the upper Midwest.   It reads "Riverside Hardware Cabinet Farwell Ozum Kirk & Co. St. Paul Minn.  Pat. Pending".  

This was a hard piece to take nice photos of as it is still in use and being used for its original intended purpose.  The board above displays what is currently stored in it, and is not part of the unit.  It is in a very tight and cramped area.  Note that it has 3 different depth drawers, with 2 steps down near the bottom.    All told it has over 120 different drawers in different sizes. Each of the upper drawers are 12" deep and the lower ones are 16" and 20" deep.   It stands just about 5' 2" tall and is 62" long. The small drawers interior measure 2 1/8W x 1 1/4H. Next are 5 1/8W x 4 3/4H. Then 7 3/4 H x 3 1/4 W. The large bottom ones are 24 3/4 W x 1 3/4 H. There is some minor water damage to the rear corners along the back, but the front looks great, and is in great condition.  This is a piece you will not see or find again in a long time.   

Shipping will be additional.  If you need additional info inquire.

Good+ . . . . . $4500.00                   SOLD!!

Straight Razor Sharpening MachineUnusual Straight Razor Sharpening Machine This is the only one of these razor sharpeners / hones that I have ever seen.  Sure I have seen lots of other variations of razor sharpeners, but never this particular one and to find it in the box and in this condition is a doubly difficult task.  The main question, and I think the answer explains why there are so few of these around, is why would anyone bother, what with the price of razors back then, but I guess that a dime was something to be considered and a dollar something to be spent wisely, and not just on another razor when the old one could be sharpened, again and again.  How times have changed.

Good + . . . . .$595.00                  SOLD!

Victorian Era Children's Learning / Storybook BlocksVictorian Era Children's Learning / Storybook Blocks   These are great with pictures that look like they are right of of Children's books for the late 1800's.  Each panel has a different theme, and the condition is grreat.

Good + . . . . .$125.00            SOLD!

Vintage Tobacco TinThree States Tobacco Tin   A nice tin in excellent condition. From the heart of Cancer country.   

Good + . . . . .$75.00          SOLD!

Handsome Dan Tobacco TinHandsome Dan Tobacco Tin   A rare tin in excellent condition. 

Good + . . . . .$295.00                  SOLD!

Sterling Silver Indian Head
MatchsafeSterling Silver Indian Head Matchsafe  The Sterling Indian Chief Matchsafe on the left is a classic and a very hard to find example.  The condition is wonderful, noting one small dent in he bottom corner.

Good + . . . . .$595.00           SOLD!

Brass Railroad / Locomotive 
Bell12" Brass Railroad / Locomotive Bell This bell came out of a private collection here in California and although unmarked has paperwork with it that says it came from a small logging train that operated near the California Oregon border near the turn of the century.  I have the headlight from the same locomotive listed elsewhere on the site.  Tough to find anymore, bells this size and condition are a favorite with the collecting crowd.

Good + . . . . .$1295.00                   SOLD!

Pinocchio Wind -up Tin ToyPinocchio Wind -up Tin Toy This toy is in wonderful condition.  A remeberance on several levels of a different time.  .

Good + . . . . .$195.00                  SOLD!

Arcade Cast Iron Toy Washing MachineArcade Cast Iron Toy Washing Machine  This toy washer is in wonderful condition. By one of the premier makers of American toys back in the good old days. 

Good + . . . . .$195.00                  SOLD!

Winchester Countertop ScaleWinchester Family Countertop Scale  This toy washer is in wonderful condition. By one of the premier makers of American toys back in the good old days. 

Good + . . . . .$175.00             SOLD!

Art Metal Bronze VaseHientz Art Metal Bronze Vase  Otto Hientz was granted a patent for his silver over bronze overlay design in 1912.  This antique Bronze vase stands about 8" tall.  It is in very nice condition and the patina is original and untouched.  There is no damage to the silver overlay or other parts.  No dents.  A very nice example.

Excellent . . . . .$495.00             SOLD!

Cigar Press MachineCigar Press Machine This unusual cigar making machine hails from Davenport Iowa.  I believe the idea was to speed up the typical process of filling cigar molds and then putting them in a press for days till ready.  I imagine the idea here was to speed the process up by revolving the mold under pressure in this machine until the desired result was obtained.   The patent info is cast into the legs and uprights and the brass plaque clearly identifies it as being from Davenport.  I imagine a close reading of the patent papers would reveal all the glorious attributes of how the machine was meant to perform and produce a quicker and better product.  It must not have been a big seller or very popular as it is only the second one I have ever seen or heard of in over 30 years.  It is about 16" tall and 10" wide.  It seems to operates as it should, and the leather belts appear to be original and in pretty good condition.  Note that two of the blocks / molds are replacements and are being held in place with putty.  A very rare and desirable piece of tobacciana or cigar making history.

Good+ . . . . . .$1500.00                   SOLD!

Plank Steam Engine Toy TrainPlank #500 Vulkan Steam Engine Toy Train w/ Coal Car   This is a rare and desirable 19th century toy.  Ernst Plank was a leading German toy maker in the late 19th century and their steam toys / engines are very desirable and well executed. 

The overall condition is good with just minor losses to the paint finish, and a few small dents in the roof area over the cab. All of the parts are original, and it appears all the engine parts and clockwork like drive mechanism are present and operable.  Note in one of the pics the fuel tank and burner assembly removed from the bottom.   The Plank emblem is on the front, and the Vulkan tag is on the side. The small Coal Car is marked #500 which I assume is the model #.  

Good   . . . . .$1295.00                  SOLD!

Lionel Train SetLionel No. 403 E Toy Passenger Train   This standard track size Lionel model toy train set was Lionel's top of the line in its day in the mid to late 20's until they offered the larger #409 set. There are three cars, Baggage/ Parlor, Pullman, and Observation, plus the double ended Engine.  All are in their original boxes.

Everything you see in the pics (look at all) is included.  There are two transformers and enough track to make a circle under the Christmas tree which is where this family set it up every year.

Lionel put out the most famous and most popular line of model trains and produced a quality product.  This set is in used but pretty nice condition.  It has not been used or seen the light of day in years.  The main drive wheels on the engine are warped and cracked, and the owners ordered new ones but never got around to installing them.  The new ones have held up well and can be seen in the pic. The color is a teal blue / green.  There is some scratching and scuff losses but overall it looks pretty good. I believe this to be an unusual color.

Good  . . . . .$795.00                   SOLD!

Bastion Blessing Soda FountainBastian Blessing Soda Fountain w/ 12 Stools, 6 Booths, Syrup Dispensers & More   Here is an original Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain w/ Original Backbar, 12 Soda Fountain Stools, 6 Booths, Syrup Dispensers, Grill, Hood & Accessories.  The entire stainless steel set-up behind the counter is included and pictured below.  Please be sure to view all the pics. 

The Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain company was the largest and best known of all soda fountain manufactures.  The business was started in the late 1800's and they were located in Chicago and expanded from there.  There is a nice history about the firm, its founders, and some great pics of other vintage soda fountains at a site called

This Vintage Bastian Soda Fountain is installed in what was Hooks Drug Store in Lyons IN.  The entire unit was installed there in 1953 after a fire and was in use until the drug store closed its doors sometime in the 60's.  It is in very nice overall condition.  The counter is 24' long and Formica covered.  There are 12 vintage round soda fountain stools mounted out in front, and just behind them are 6 matching booths w/ seating that have an interesting retro design.  When looking at the pics the empty area in the backbar is where the grill & hood were located.  The are still on site and included in the package price.  Most of the backbar is stainless steel as is the dispenser and prep area below the counter.  It all looks to be in very nice condition showing just minimal wear.  The refrigeration unit is not working and we are not sure why. 

This original Bastian Soda Fountain is still in place as shown, and will have to be taken apart and removed by the buyer / new owner.  We will help in any way we can, and will answer questions or provide additional pics if needed, but again removal and installation will be the new owners responsibility.

This vintage soda fountain is a wonderful opportunity to recreate an authentic 1950's era soda fountain in a diner, retro ice cream shop, candy store or other appropriate location.   It could even be adapted as the centerpiece of a TV set like Happy Days used in that popular TV how.

Click the Pics for larger Pics

Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain Bastian Blessing Soda FountainBastian Blessing Soda Fountain

Bastian Blessing Soda FountainBastian Blessing Soda Fountain Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain

For still more pics click the links below

Excellent. . . .$10,000.00                    SOLD!!!

Sherer Bean Counter / Cabinet Sherer Bean Counter / Cabinet  This is a great piece of country store / general store memorabilia and  history.  It has set in a general store set-up / home museum for over 30 years now, and it is time for it to find a new home.  It is 7' 4" long and I imagine has been shortened from its original 12 or more feet long.  There is an original framed panel on one end ( with Sherer decal), and the other end has been done in plywood.   In front it has 10 windows and a slant front.  The base is 34" deep.  It is 34" tall.  The base has 10 drawers with larger ones on top, smaller on bottom, and all appear to be original and nice.  Overall it is in very nice condition.  Note that the hardware on the drawers is original and marked with the Sherer name as well. 

Shipping  will be additional. Delivery along the West Coast is possible for a fee.   If you need additional info inquire.

Good+ . . . . .      SOLD!!!

Double Tower Showcase / Display CabinetNickel Plated Double Tower Showcase / Display Cabinet  This is a great country store antique showcase / display.  It has set up in a general store / home museum for over 30 years now, and it is time for it to find a new home.  It is 6'  long  x 32" deep at the bottom.  The towers measure approx 21" tall, 11" deep and 20" across.  There are no broken panes of glass and it is in great condition.  There is a tag in front that reads "Teubner & Hoffmann SF"  The back doors are nice and appear to be original.   The contents are not included.

Shipping will be additional.  Delivery along the West Coast is possible for a fee.  If you need additional info inquire.

Good+ . . . . .         SOLD!

Country Store Table Top 72 Drawer Nut / Bolt / Screw Parts CabinetCountry Store Table Top 72 Drawer Nut / Bolt / Screw Parts Cabinet  This a smaller table top model is similar to the above one, but on a smaller scale and meant to be used on top of a counter.   This one is in very nice condition and dates from the same time period as the above one.  It has 72 drawers with 9 drawers on each of the 8 faces.  All are present and original.  It is a very unusual to find these complete and in this nice condition.  Note that is has a original single drawer base under it as well.  It does spin on it lazy Susan as it should.  Overall with the base cabinet it stands just over 30"  tall.  The drawers measure 7 1/4 x 2 3/4" x 7 1/2" deep.  It is 22" across at the top. 

Shipping will be additional.  If you need additional info inquire.

Good+ . . . . .     SOLD!

antique Hershey Candy DispenserHershey 1 Cent Candy Dispenser   This countertop or wall hung Hershey chocolate candy dispenser is in very nice condition.  It is a Walzer product called the "Moderne Vender" on the front ID tag.  I do not have the key.  It is not dented, broken, or damaged, and it appears to be all original.

Did you see the new TV "reality" show "The Restorers", where some fellow paid about the asking price here to have his broken beat up shell of one these "restored"?

Have you heard Hershey no longer wants to put chocolate in their regular chocolate bars?  Have you ever tried some of that $20.00 / lb. real chocolate that comes from boutique shops these days?  What a difference.

This piece marks the end of an era or several ----one cent real chocolate candy being just one.  One piece a day keeps the doctor away and the heart pumping.   A neat piece at the right price! 

Good+ . . . . . .$495.00           SOLD!!

Philco Model 37-665 Cathedral 9 Tube RadioPhilco Model 37-665 Cathedral 9 Tube Radio   A nice looking hard to find 9 tube radio.  Untested.  It looks to be all here, it just needs to be worked on a bit. 

Good  . . . . . $240.00    SOLD!!

National Store Specialty Co. 4 lb. Candy Scale National Store Specialty Co. 4 lb. Candy Scale  This is a good looking general store candy scale that has been nicely restored.  It has the hard-to-find front badge shield.  The restoration was carefully done and looks very nice, not overdone, just nice.  It seems to work, but the paper scale is a bit curled at the top and needs to be glued back down as the pointer rubs on it.  Nice!!

Good + . . . . .  $375.00   SOLD!!

Thorens AD - 30 Music BoxThorens AD - 30 Music Box & 48 Music Discs   Here we have the small AD - 30 Thorens music box on the left and 48 music discs for it are in a separate wooden box on the right. Thorens is a well known maker of music boxes early in their historythat first opened for business in Germany in the 1870's.  This is a later Swiss model that dates from the 50's-60's, given the design of and holes in the movement cover.  That information is according to the website I found dating info on.   It is complete with the original instructions, and it does work.   Each of the discs are pictured in a seperate ad below and the titles on all but one are readable. 

Good  . . . . .$250.00 w/ 40 Discs

Cyclone Antique Electric Vacuum Cleaner / Bradford PA"Cyclone" Antique Electric Vacuum Cleaner / Bradford PA   The Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner pictured here was one of the first electric vacuum cleaners produced in the US.  The Cyclone is such a great name it is still being by Dyson and others.  Most of the ads or other references to this early vacuum cleaner speak about the hand pump model.  This one, designed to be hooked up to an electric motor is very unusual.  It dates from right around the turn of the century.  Finding a proper era and size electric motor and adapting it to fit would be a pretty easy task. 

The condition is super with well over 90% of the original paint and name decals on the tank remaining.  The filter bag is still inside, and the exhaust valves still operate and look good.  Numerous references for this vacuum can be found on the internet, but no examples of one set up to take a electric motor as opposed to the hand pump model were found.  In addition to the Cyclone name and Bradford PA location on the tank, there is a brass plaque on the base from the Hewitt Machinery Co of San Francisco who were the west coast sales agents.   A great display piece and reminder of what life use to be like.  Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $165.00      SOLD!!


This is just a sample of the many antiques & collectibles we have sold.
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For further info on consigning / selling your antiques with us please see our FAQ page, the Appraisal / Selling Page and the Selling Your Collection Pages.

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