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This is just a sample of the many office & electrical related antiques we have sold.
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Prices seen span over a long time and may not reflect current values.  Some now sell for less.
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Vintage TelephonesSelection of Desk Phones  Here are the assorted vintage telephones we have managed to buy over the last few years and are ready to part with to make room for new additions..  We use the cradle phone in the front left of the picture.  The wall phone in the back is a Western Electric.  Nothing exceedingly rare, but they are all pretty nice.

Good . . . . . .$395.00       SOLD

Vintage Pay TelephonePay Phone   This probably dates from the 20's-30's or so.  It is in nice overall condition and has the original guts.  The lock is missing.  It is wired to plug into today's socket so someone was using it fairly recently, I have not.

Good . . . . . .$395.00        SOLD

Vintage Telephone
Candlestick Desk Phone & Oak Ringer Box 
 This probably dates from the 20's or so.  It is in nice overall condition and the box  has the original guts.  The phone has an interesting adjustable feature for the mouthpiece.  The handset lower ring is broken and need to be glued and or replaced.

Good . . . . . .$295.00         SOLD

Vintage Telegraph KeyHump Back Telegraph Key  This telegraph key is early and unusual. Note the form of the bar which is known as a camelback or hump back.   Note the paint and highlights still viable on the cast iron casting.  I am not sure what if anything is missing from the two holes out in front, but the key itself is in fine original condition.

Good . . . . . .$395.00         SOLD

Vintage Telegraph KeyDouble Bar Patented Telegraph Key  This key has a double bar tube design.  Not sure what benfit if any that had, but it is a nice looking patented key.

Good . . . . . .$95.00        SOLD

Patented Cast Iron Base Telegraph KeyCast Iron Base Telegraph Key  This is a great looking piece.  But where is the camel-Back key that is missing?  Found in a group shop in NH back in the good old days.   

Good . . . . . .$495.00        SOLD

Western Electric Telegraph KeyWestern Electric Double Bar Telegraph Key  This is a nice mlooking key that you do not see very often.  

Good . . . . . .$125.00        SOLD

Vibro-plex Telegraph KeyVibro-plex Telegraph Key  This Vibro-Plex telegraph key or bug has a serial # 195802.  Where that puts in in the scheme of things with collectors of these "bugs"  I do not know

Good . . . . . .$175.00        SOLD

Vintage Telegraph KeyElectro-Bug Telegraph Key Patents Pending by Electro Mfg. Co Fresno CA This unusual telegraph key is in very nice condition and marked with the above info.  I read that this company moved to San Francisco, and that this key was patented, so this version hailing from Fresno must have been one of the earlier models being marked Patent pending.  The base measures about 3 x 6 1/2".  There is a stamped # 11210 the bottom. There is a electro-magnet to help speed things up or control the action if you got it going to fast, and I suppose the sliding lever by the Key was to adjust just how much control it would exert.   Different, and nice.

Good . . . . . .$325.00         SOLD

Patented Century Telegraph KeyPatented Century Telegraph Key   This is the nicest example of this style telegraph key that I have ever seen.  The patent info is written on the base, and the decoration is bright and crisp as if it was applied last week, but it is original.  The name comes from the fact that it was patented right after the turn of the century.  It is also referred to as the pump handle key and was designed for those who were developing Carpel Tunnel with the typical style keys available.  A rare and unusual piece in superb condition.

Excellent . . . . . .  SOLD

A short story concerning prices and values of things.  Years ago I bought this vertical key out of a shop here in CA for $800.00. Barely knew what it was and certainly had no idea what it was worth.  I bought it because it looked great and the condition was superb.  I sold it to a friend / dealer later that day for $1800.00.  About a year later I had regrets I had sold it and tried to buy it back.  My dealer friend still had it and wanted $2200.00 - I offered him $2000.00.  He said no and would not budge.  Several months later and after trying to get it for my price several more times, he got tired of me badgering him and he listed it on eBay.  It brought just under 6K.  That was back in the heyday or bubble days.  Today they usually sell for under $1000.00 when listed on eBay.  Leaving the questions - - - What is it worth?  AND What is any of it really worth?

Early External Terminal Telephone HandsetEarly External Terminal Telephone Handset There are some chips in the upper housing as can be see.  These earlier external terminal handsets are getting tougher to find all the time. 

Good + . . . . .$95.00      SOLD!

External Terminal Telephone Handset w/ CordExternal Terminal American Telephone Handset w/ Cord   These earlier external terminal handsets are getting tougher to find all the time.  Very Nice!!

Good + . . . . .$195.00         SOLD!

Western Union / Bunnell Telegraph Sounder w/ Hood & Candlestick BaseWestern Union / Bunnell Telegraph Sounder w/ Hood & Candlestick Base This is in nice condition and will make for a nice display piece on the desk as a remembrance of what communication use to be like, and how far we have come.

Good + . . . . .$95.00        SOLD!

	Bunnell Camelback Telegraph KeyEarly Bunnell Camelback Telegraph Key This nicely detailed key and sounder with cast iron frame sits on a nice mahogany base, and is in very good condition.   There are no chips in the pads, the windings appear to be good, and everything clicks and clacks as it should.    In the front left corner, stamped in the mahogany is "J. H. Bunnell and Co. New-York".  It also says "ohms" but it doesn't say how many.

Good . . . . .$350.00       SOLD

Western Electric D35 Stock Ticker / Telegraph KeyWestern Union 35-A Stock Ticker / Telegraph Key  This is a nice looking antique Western Union stock ticker / telegraph. The overall condition on this rare and desirable piece of Wall Street memorabilia is very nice.  I am sure it was those fellows getting those bonuses who were driving the market a few years back when a few went for 10K or more.  Prices have since fallen.  Now that the "workers" are comfortably back in place and doing as good as ever will the price start upward again, or are they sitting on their gold.  Give that man another bonus!!  

Good  +. . . . . .  SOLD

Device To Measure Strength of Electrical PowerDevice To Measure Strength of Electrical Forces  This unusual device looks to be for measuring the strength of the electrical power you would apply to the coils.  Increase the current and measure the amount of pull the magnetized coils exerted on the scale that was positioned over top.  I do not see any makers mark, and this may be shop built at Case University for one series of experiments, or could have been built as a demonstrator for students to observe the "new" technology of electricity.  Crude but effective.

This will make for a great display illustrating just how far we have come in the last 100 years.  Just think about it.  Electrical power was pretty new to the scene.  New students would have little understanding of its powers or uses.  It can give one pause to reflect on how much further we can go if science survives the current waves of politics, religion, and ignorance trying to turn off the power and sources of knowledge and thought.  Again, a good reminder of how far we have come, and might go.

Excellent . . . . .$295.00       SOLD!

Geissler Tube on StandCrookes Tube on Stand  Early Geissler and Crookes tubes are getting difficult to find.  There is no maker info on this, but that is typical.. This early Crookes tube, as with all the other pieces on this page, originated from Case Western Reserve University.  This tube was used in the physics department to demonstrate the characteristics of electrons, and showing that they would not pass through a metal barrier.  The make-up of this example would indicate its manufacture near the turn of the century.  Everything look to be attached, and intact, but we did not attempt to test it.

I found a picture of a nearly identical tube on another site,
and it described this tube as follows.  Cathode Rays Carry Energy. The cathode rays from the hemispherical cathode are focused on a thin piece of platinum held above it by a glass arm. The platinum eventually heats up and glows red, showing that the cathode rays carry kinetic energy.

Excellent. . . . .$695.00        SOLD!

Max Kohl / Chemnitz Laboratory DemonstratorMax Kohl / Chemnitz Electrical Laboratory Demonstrator   Max Kohl of Germany was probably the best known maker of lab and classroom demonstrators in the world during his working years from the 1880's onward. This piece was used  in the classrooms of Case Western Reserve University back near the turn of the century when Dayton Miller was a professor there. 

This is mystery device has electrical hook-ups that indicate it was powered up.  The center affair with 3 red rods does rotate and move up and down, but I am not sure when, how, or to demonstrate what.  Perhaps it has something to do with Magnetic fields and rotational pull .  It has a great look, and is the sort of thing that will display nicely and be a great conversation piece.  The condition is like new. 

Excellent. . . . .$295.00        SOLD!

Antique Galvanometer w/ ScopeAntique Mirror Galvanometer w/ Scope  This device is for measuring small variations in current using light, a mirror, and the small scope seen. It is a very detailed and precise instrument.  Light acts as the pointer, and when reflected off the mirror inside is capable of reflecting very small variations which can be read off the scale above the scope.    I do not see a makers name, but the markings appear to be in German, Galvanometers were made in different forms for different applications and for different levels of precision.  A nice looking example!!

Excellent. . . . .$695.00        SOLD!


This is just a sample of the many office related antiques & collectibles we have sold.
Click link to see other Past Sales Archive Pages on this Site.

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For further info on consigning / selling your antiques with us please see our FAQ page, the Appraisal / Selling Page and the Selling Your Collection Pages.

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