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This is just a sample of the many antique Tools we have sold.
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Starrett Machinist SquareStarrett 4" Machinist Square    It has seen little use. Very Nice!!

Good +  . . . . . . . $25.00   SOLD!!

25C 12 Inch Combination SquareLufkin 25C 12" Combination Square  NOS.  With center head and scribe.  Some rust inhibitor remains that will wipe off.    Nice!

Good +  . . . . . . $50.00    SOLD!!

Groves & Sons Sheffield Carpenters SquareGroves & Sons Sheffield 16" Carpenters Square  This large English Carpenters square by Groves & Sons, a well known and respected English toolmaker is straight with little or no rust or pitting and plenty of original bluing remaining on the blade.   Good stamp.   Very Nice!!

Fine . . . . . $65.00    SOLD!!

St. Johnsbury Rosewood Infil BevelSt. Johnsbury Rosewood Infill Bevel  The patent for this bevel was granted on June 14 1870 to Isaiah J. Robinson.  It was made and sold by the St. Johnsbury Tool Co. located in Vermont  The condition is second to none.  The workmanship of this companies tools is unsurpassed.  The brass body is 5 5/8" long and the blade is 9" long. A Super Piece!!

Fine . . . . . $295.00

Stanley No. 21 1/2 12 Inch SquareStanley No. 21 1/2 9" Square   Sweetheart era.  Walter's guide says this  9" combo square was offered for just one year in 1932.  The condition is OK.  He valued it at $100 - $200 in his price guide. The rule is slotted making it flipable for left handed or right reading.  Nice!!

Good  . . . . . $15.00        SOLD!!

3 Combination Squares3 Combination Squares The top one is the hard to find Stanley sweetheart era 21 1/2.  It is the 9" size.  Dirty but OK.  The 6" one in the middle is a Union.  On the bottom is a 4" Starrett.  

Top . . . . Good . . . . . $15.00        SOLD!!

Middle . . . . Good . . . . . $10.00         SOLD!!         

Bottom . . . . . Good . . . . . $20.00        SOLD!!

Disston #9 Square / BevelDisston #9 Square / Bevel  At least that is what the collector identified it as after doing his research back in pre-internet days.  The bevel blade is tucked into a slot in the handle. See other pics to view.

Good . . . . . $15.00        SOLD!!         

Brass Handle Carpenters SquareBrass Handle Carpenters Square  This is unmarked as far as I can see, but has a very distinctive design.  Well used but not damaged.  A good wall hanger.

Good . . . . .  $10.00        SOLD!!         

Sargent Steel Carpenters BevelSargent 8" Steel Carpenters Bevel  Much harder to find than similar Stanley versions. Marked with a patent.   Nickel loss but no rust or pitting.  Will be a fine user.  Nice!! 

Good  . . . . . .  $20.00         SOLD!!         

Southington Hold Fast Steel Carpenters BevelSouthington "Hold Fast" 10" Steel Carpenters Bevel  This Southington Hardware Co bevel sports a patented idea with its lever lock feature.  Much harder to find than Stanley or other maker bevels.   Will be a fine user.  Nice!!   

Good  . . . . . .  $35.00         SOLD!!         

Goodell Pratt 12 Inch Brass Bound Rosewood BeveGoodell Pratt 12" Brass Bound Rosewood Bevel  Nice enough.  The original owner lightly scratched his initials in the Rosewood body. That has been buffed out.  You can hardly see it now.  No rust or pitting, and good stamp.   Nice!!   

Good + . . . . . .  $65.00         SOLD!!         

Stanley # 225 12 Inch Double Blade BevelStanley # 225 12" Double Blade Bevel  These unusual 2 blade Stanley 225 bevels were only made for a few years and are hard to find. 

Good   . . . . . $95.00       SOLD!!

Goodell - Pratt 12 4 Piece Machinist Combination SquareGoodell - Pratt 12" 4 Piece Machinist Combination Square  The blade is marked Millers Falls, or MF.  I believe that is wrong.  It does have one spot of pitting, the rest is pretty nice.

Good + . . . . . .  $40.00    SOLD!!

T. C. Crouch Rosewood & Brass Carpenters SquareT. C. Crouch Rosewood & Brass Carpenters Square  OK.  Stamped mark hard to make out. 

Good  . . . . . $15.00      SOLD!!

Goodell Pratt 10 Brass Body Rosewood Infill BevelGoodell Pratt 10" Brass Body Rosewood Infill Bevel   About as nice as one could ask for.  Note the fine detail construction in the last pic.  Good stamp.  Very nice!! 

Fine  . . . . . .  $150.00    SOLD!!

Disston Steel Carpenters BevelDisston 10" Steel Carpenters Bevel  Disston is not just well known, they are famous for their line of saws.  In addition to saws they also marketed a line of other carpenter and building related tools. Squares, levels and so forth.  All are much harder to find than similar Stanley versions.    This unusual bevel be a fine user or nice addition to the collection.  Nice!!   

Good + . . . . . .  $25.00      SOLD!!

Goodell Pratt Brass Bound Rosewood Infill BevelGoodell Pratt 6" Brass Bound Rosewood Infill Bevel  Goodell Pratt made and sold a quality line of tools.  They are most famous for their drill line, but the rest of what they offered was as well done.    No rust or pitting, good stamp, good wood. Will be a fine user.  Nice!!   

Good + . . . . . .  $60.00      SOLD!!

Bridge City Tool MS-2 Miter SquareBridge City Tool MS-2 Miter Square  This is in very nice condition.   The tool looks to be basically unused.  A nice piece.   

Bridge City Tool TB-4 Complimentary Angle BevelBridge City Tool TB-4 Complimentary Angle Bevel  This is in very nice condition.  It is a Signature Series issue and dates from 1997.   For some reason Bridge City sent him extra blades and mounting screws for this tool  The tool itself looks to be basically unused.  It includes the instructions and the certificate of authenticity.   Very Nice!!  

Fine . . . . . $125.00   SOLD!!

Bridge City Tool #5 C Hand ViseBridge City Tool #5 C Hand Vise  This vise is in very nice condition.  There is no box with this one.  It is #5 of the Commemorative series and dates from 1997.  It looks to have never been used.   

Fine . . . . . $150.00    SOLD!!

Take-Down Framing SquareStanley R100 Sweetheart Era Take-Down Framing Square This is nice.  It is tight.    Nice!

Good +  . . . . . .  $60.00     SOLD!!

1873 Patent Brass & Walnut Bevel1873 Patent Larrison / Leigh  Combination Bevel / Level w/ Graduated Brass Blade   I have never had or seen this unusual patented combination bevel / level before.  I found one reference in a price guide to a damaged one selling for close to 1000 in a well known tool auction a few years back.  There was no maker info or anything else listed in the description.  Just that it was unusual.

The condition of this example is exceptional.    The only similar combination bevel / square I could find for this date is different in some aspects, and correct in others.  I believe it is the correct patent and that they modified it to be easier to make and use.  The patent number is 160106 and it was granted to a J. L. Larrison, and H. Leigh who lived in NY and PA pretty close to each other.  Very unusual!!  Opportunity knocks!!

Fine  . . . . . . $900.00      SOLD!!

No. 47 Starrett 12 Carpenters Layout BevelNo. 47 Starrett 12" Carpenters Layout Bevel     This is unmarked as to #, but that is what it is.  An unusual size. 

Good  . . . . $25.00        SOLD!!

Stanley Sweetheart Era # 25 12 BevelStanley Rosewood & Brass # 25 12" Bevel Sweetheart Era Tough size to find, especially in this nice condition. 

Fine  . . . . . $40.00       SOLD!!

Stanley Rosewood & Brass # 25 12 Bevel Sweetheart EraStanley Rosewood & Brass # 25 12" Bevel Sweetheart Era Tough size to find, especially in this nice condition. Decal handle.   A good user.   Nice!!


Good . . . . . $35.00       SOLD!!

Stanley # 25 8 BevelStanley Rosewood & Brass # 25 8" Bevel As nice as they come.

Good + . . . . . $20.00       SOLD!!

St. Johnsbury Rosewood Infill Square w/ 15 Inch BladeSt. Johnsbury Rosewood Infill Square w/ 15" Blade  This square is unmarked but there is no doubt who the maker is.  The 15 blade is very unusual.  It does have a few small spots of pitting and stains on the blade, but it is in overall nice condition.  The workmanship of this companies tools is unsurpassed.   A Nice Piece!!

Good . . . . . $195.00     SOLD!!

Antique Pre Stanley Hall & Knapp BevelHall & Knapp Bevel   A rare & early bevel in super condition.  This was produced before they merged with Stanley to form the Stanley Rule & Level Co. 

Fine   . . . . . $55.00      SOLD!!

Goodell Pratt Rosewood & Brass BevelGoodell Pratt   Brass Framed & Rosewood Fill Bevel  There is one small chip in the wood on the edge.  It will not affect use.  A beautiful tool in the style of St. Johnsbury of Vermont tools. 

Fine . . . . . $125.00     SOLD!

Calhoon Patent Square / Bevel Roofers Tool Calhoon Patent Square / Bevel Roofers Tool  This unusual patented roofers square / bevel, w/ level hails from MO and was patented in 1912.   It was slightly over engineered and the idea as presented never really caught on in its day.  I suppose that could be attributed to a variety of reasons besides how complicated it seems, and how many different scales there are.   It is a hard to find and odd piece.

Later the Swanson speed square was introduced using much of this squares ideas but utilizing the KISS design criteria, it was "new, novel, very popular, and .simple  It was touted as a new and wonderful invention.  It just goes to show that there really are no new ideas.  I'd be willing to bet Swanson made a lot more money also.

Fine  . . . . . . $250.00     SOLD!!

Disston 18 Rosewood BevelHenry Disston 18" Rosewood Bevel   This 18" Disston Bevel is a rare piece by Henry Disston, the famous and respected maker of Disston handsaws.  Besides saws Disston offered a few other tools like levels and bevels and they are all hard to find.  Especially the rarer and more unusual pieces like this, and especially in this nice condition.  Most Disston tools that are found are usually well worn from use.

Look at the condition of this extra large 18" rosewood bevel!!  It is near mint with a bold and clear stamp.  It was obviously never used and had been stored away for the better part of 100 years.  A super piece!!

Fine +  . . . . . . $150.00       SOLD!

Howard Patent Rosewood BevelHoward Patent Rosewood Bevel   This is in very nice condition.  Mr. Howard made a top of the line series of carpenters bevels, some with cast decorated bodies, some w/ levels incorporated into the body,  and this design must have been meant for the common working guy.  The patent info is boldly stamped into the body  It is a pretty unusual piece.  

Fine  . . . . . . $95.00      SOLD!

Starrett Combination Square w/ Protractor & Angle Divider Starrett 12" Combination Square w/ Protractor & Angle Divider  This 4 piece combination square is in nice condition.  The box has seen better days.  No rust, pitting, cracks or other problems.  There is some minor staining on the blade, but not rust or pits.  Ready to go back to work. 

Fine  . . . . . . $150.00           SOLD! 

Robinson Patent Eagle Mfg Co Bridge SquareRobinson Patent Eagle Mfg Co Bridge Square The condition is super and near new.  This early and unusual square is an interesting design and very hard to find.  The blades are all  nice and both the patent info and the Eagle Name are clear and bold.  95% or so of the finish remains on the cross bar.  Rare and desirable

Excellent + . . . . . $695.00         SOLD!

Lufkin #525 Combination Square / Rule Center FinderLufkin #525 Combination Square / Rule Center Finder  As new and in the original box.  

Good + . . . . . . . $120.00          SOLD!

Lufkin Rule w/ Patent Pending Bevel Guide I have seen and know of a few of these add on gizmos for wooden rules.  This one is marked Thomas Mitre Rule & Patent Pend. 

Good + . . . . . . . . $45.00     SOLD!

Fisher Patent BevelFisher 1868 Patent Combination Bevel / Gauge This bevel w/ readable degree gauge is in nice condition. The small thumbscrews are original and the blade and scales are nice.  The Rosewood body is very nice, and the screws are not damaged.  The patent info is on the brass arch.  These are a hard to find tool in this nice condition and turn up only occasionally.

Good +. . . . . . . .395.00     SOLD!

Fisher Patent BevelWhale Bone Handle Square  From the collection, these two tools originated from an early east coast tool auction.   

Good +. . . . . . . .  SOLD!

2 Patented Center Head Combo Tools2 Patented Center Head Combo Tools  Tough to find these have been in the collection for 20 -30 years.   The smaller one I believe a Standard Tool Co. example.  The blade is marked Standard Tool Co. Athol.  It is a 2 piece affair that was pinned together.  The tag on it indicates it came from Roger Smith back in 1979. 

The larger one has a later Brown and Sharpe 12" blade in it. I believe it was made by Standard Tool Co as well.  It too is a two piece design that was pinned together. These are an interesting combination tool---a try and mitre square, center finder, depth gauge, and more.

Left. . . . . . . . Good+  . . . . . . . .$125.00        SOLD!

Right . . . . . . . . Good +. . . . . . . . $150.00     SOLD!

Standard Tool Co. Center Head / SquareStandard Tool Co. Center Head / Square  Another version w/ original rule.   

Good +. . . . . . . . $150.00     SOLD!

Standard Take-Down Framing SquareThe Standard Take-Down Framing Square The copperized finish on this framing square was an upgrade option that Southington offered and not many people choose as this is the first one that I have seen.  It is simply marked "The Standard" and is in excellent condition.  The canvas case did its job, and is a bit tattered looking.  The 101 model according to the small pocket catalog that is included also offered their patented rafter tables that their 100 model did not.  Very Nice!! 

Good +  . . . . . . . $95.00      SOLD

Johnsbury Patented BevelSt. Johnsbury Patented Bevel   Mr. I. J. Robinson of St. Johnsbury VT,  is known as the premier maker of bevels, squares and other measuring tools for the woodworking and machinist trades,  and pulled the patent for this design bevel on June 14th 1870.  There were none finer to be had during his day, and his line of tools remain today one of the favorites of the old tool collecting crowd.  This example has some light pitting on the 6" blade, but the 4" body and the rosewood infill are in super condition.  The name and patent info on the body are clear and strong.  A Mr. A. Young has carefully and tastefully stamped his name into the rosewood for an added nice touch.   A nice example.

Good+. . . . . . . .$395.00      SOLD

Smith Patent Combination Square / BevelSmith Patent Combination Square / Bevel  This is a pretty rare tool in the scheme of things.  Designed for roof framing and other associated tasks where more than one angle or bevel was needed at a time.  The patent info is on the handle, and the aluminum body is pretty nice noting one casting flaw on the bottom right.   

Good . . . . . . $295.00       SOLD

Kenny's Patent Marking Gauge Pat Jan 4th 1870 This interesting piece is unmarked, as they all are, but it is a well known and very desirable patented tool from the 19th century.  Typically they have a Rosewood and Boxwood head, but this version has two boxwood ones.  As is often the case, these heads are both cracked, and one has been glued.  It is still operational and looks OK as is.  The brass rod is in super condition and has never been cleaned or abused.  Ready as is to be used, or with a simple restoration, this could be a highlight.  

Good+. . . . . . . . $150.00     SOLD

St Johnsbury Machinist Square12" St Johnsbury Machinist Square This is a prime example of a true masterpiece of workmanship and skill from a different era.  There is no damage, rust pitting or other flaws.  An unusual square, in an unusual size and in unusually nice condition.

Good+. . . . . . . $195.00     SOLD

Early & Unusual Angle DividerEarly & Unusual Angle Divider   The design looks a lot like a Langlai.  It is simply marked Pat Apld For on the main steel body. The locking lever on the back operates as it should, and i am not sure of the function of the sliding brass collar on the main body 

Good+   . . . . . . $225.00     SOLD!

Goodell Pratt Rosewood Infill BevelGoodell Pratt Rosewood Infill 8" Bevel  
This is a very hard to find bevel.  Goodell Pratt bought out St Johnsbury Tool Co, when they were at their peak and offered these for just a short period before they left the market.  Goodell Pratt was best known for their extensive line of quality drills and other small tools, and were trying to expand their market,.  Great idea, but either the depression, or Stanley ended those dreams and the rest is history..  A nice example in lightly used condition. 

Good+ . . . . . . $145.00     SOLD!

Starrett #435-12-4R Combo SquareStarrett #435-12-4R Combo Square  This 4 piece combination square is in nice condition.  A lite clean will make it like new, and they are still in production with a retail of close to $200.

Good + . . . . . . $160.00        SOLD!

Starrett Carpenters Folding SquareStarrett Carpenters Folding Square  This is a hard to find folding square w/ Protractor. Used but OK.  The blade appears to have been swapped out. 

Good + . . . . . . $19500      SOLD!

Starrett #439 Builders Square w/ 18 BladeStarrett #439 Builders Square w/ 18" Blade   The previous owner thought enough of this to build a special box to store it in.  He also engraved his name on an edge with an electric pen.  All the bubbles are good.  Overall it is very nice

Good +  . . . . . $250.00          SOLD!!

Stanley # 30 Angle FinderStanley # 30 Angle Finder  Like new with proper marked bottom bar.  Near Perfect Nice!

Fine . . . . .  $80.00     SOLD!

Stanley # 18 Bevel / Angle FinderStanley # 18 Bevel  Like new. The favorite w/ users.   Nice!

Fine . . . . . . $30.00       SOLD!

Stanley Sweetheart # 21 6 Combo SquareStanley Sweetheart # 21 6" Combo Square   This is the smallest and hardest to find size of this popular tool.  There is one spot of corrosion on the blade, but it is otherwise very nice.

Good+  . . . . $40.00         SOLD!!

Southington Patented Holdfast BevelSouthington Patented "Holdfast" Bevel  The condition of this bevel is very nice.  It has a unusual blade locking mechanism that I assume the patent info on the blade pertains to.  Very Nice!!

Fine  . . . . . . $60.00        SOLD!!

Stanley # 25 14 Inch BevelStanley # 25 14" Bevel   This is the largest and hardest to find size of this popular tool.  It is in super condition.  You will see 100 of the smaller sizes for every one of these with a 14" blade.  Very hard to find!!

Good +  . . . . $95.00        SOLD!!

Stanley Type 1 #16 Mitre SquareStanley Type 1 #16 Mitre Square  This is clearly marked on the blade with the early Stanley logo.  The bottom casting is rounded making it the earliest version of this unusual miter square.  It is the largest, and hardest to find size.     Nice!

Good + . . . . . . $90.00        SOLD!!

Square w/ BevelUnusual Adjustable Framing Square I see no maker mark or patent info. It has angles and pitches marked off on one blade, and inches on the other. I assume it is for roof framing, stair layout or other angle related carpentry tasks. Check all the pics to see the details. Different & Nice enough.

Good  . . . . . . $225.00     SOLD!!

Square w/ BevelHalstead & Ackerman Patented 1855 Square w/ Bevel  This is a combination square/bevel patented by Jonas Halstead & Cornelius Ackerman both of NY, NY. Patent was issued on June 26, 1855 #13127. The body is brass and marked clearly w/ the patent info. It will clean to be much nicer

Good + . . . . . . $65.00      SOLD!!

Stanley Mahogany Infill 12 Machinist SquareStanley #2 Mahogany Infill 12" Machinist Square  The stamp is there, but very fine, and very faint.  Nice. 

Good +. . . . . . $125.00         SOLD!!

Millers Falls No. 361 6 Combination SquareMillers Falls No. 361 6" Combination Square  NOS.  With center head and scribe.  Lightly cleaned of box rust on the head.    Still Nice!

Good +  . . . . . . $45.00       SOLD!!

Starrett No. 163 30 Drafting SquareStarrett No. 163 30" Drafting Square    A Starrett 30" T-Square with an interesting decorative cast head!!   Nice!!

Good + . . . . . $30.00     SOLD!!

Starrett Combination SquareStarrett 6" Combination Square  Nice!!

Good + . . . . . .  $40.00    SOLD!!

Brown & Sharpe Machinist SquareBrown & Sharpe 18" Machinist Square This is oversize.  I do not know how to call it off other than that.  Nice enough.   Will be a good user!! 

Good  . . . . . .  $55.00     SOLD! 

Bridge City Tool AS-14 Adjustable Try SquareBridge City Tool AS-14 Adjustable Try Square   This is in very nice condition in the original box w/ instructions and certificate of authenticity.  It is a Signature series from 1997.   A nice piece.   

Fine . . . . . $175.00

Bridge City Tool CS-6 Combination SquareBridge City Tool Works CS-6 Combination Square  Original box.  The tool it self looks to be unused. It is not dated.  A solid, well built, well designed, tool. Nice!!  

Fine . . . . . $125.00


This is just a sample of the many antique & collectible tools we have sold.
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