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We deal in all manner of  Early American Antiques referred to as Americana.  We like figural cast iron and interesting antique or patented 1887 express eggbeaterpatented devices from the early American kitchen and home. We specialize in things of a mechanical nature, or what we refer to as Americana with a purpose. This includes things like unusual antique and vintage eggbeaters, butter churns, mechanical mixers, apple peelers, can openers, corkscrews, nut crackers, nutmegs, corkscrews, and much more.  There are separate pages on this site for many of those categories of collectibles. 

Antique Eggbeaters

We are primarily interested in earlier patented models from before the turn of the century.  The two patented eggbeaters pictured above, known as the Express and the Loll beaters are primeHolt Lyon Right Angle Eggbeater examples of an eggbeater having dashers or paddles that are very different. The Express / Flyswatter beater (left) was patented in 1887 and utilized a wire "fly-swatter " dasher or paddle that makes a back-and-forth motion.  The Loll Beater, pictured at the very top of the page, has an unusual dasher configuration and has revolving cast iron "fingers" that do the egg beating.

antique eggbeater / mixerAnother example of an unusual patented antique eggbeater  because of its form is the right-angle Holt Lyon eggbeater. This side-handle egg beater was manufactured in two different sizes and with several slight variations in the gear wheel and dasher design over the years.  The Holt Lyon Co. manufactured a number of different mixers, beaters and churns.  Some were hand-held and others  designed as jar beaters such as their 1 pt. and 1 qt. cream whips and mayonnaise mixers.  There are a wealth of other cast iron antique eggbeaters featuring unusual dasher designs that we are interested in, including the one pictured on the left with the slotted dashers.  Other good cast iron and early patented eggbeaters  include those with names such as:  Monroe's Patent, Earle's Patent, The Perfection beater, the Washington Egg Beater, the Manhattan, Minard's Liniment, the Belmont, the Advance, the Hub, the Acme, the Dodge Race Course, and many, many others.  All of these beaters are either very early patents, or eggbeaters with odd and unusual dashers, or early versions that were in production for just a very short time.

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Antique Mixers & Churns

Antique butter churns were used to whip cream and butter.  They were also used as general purpose Syllabub Churn kitchen mixers or blenders, and usually had their own container. They can be found in all different sizes and shapes, and some are quite collectible.

One of the earliest types of churns were syllabub churns used for making a dessert made from a mixture of milk or cream, wine or cider, sugar, eggs, nutmeg and cinnamon.  These churns were generally designed as a tin cylinder-shaped container with a plunger style dasher having a perforated disk of some sort at the end of the handle.  Though they are generally not as valuable as the rare cast iron rotary crank eggbeaters they are a good collectible, particularly if they are patented, unusually large or Dazey Butter Churnssmall, or if they have unusual dasher arrangements.

Back near the turn of the last century was the heyday of what are now considered collectible churns and mixers.  As time passes tastes have changed somewhat and today electric mixers and churns are gaining in popularity and value.  While we look at and appreciate some of these later kitchen tools, for the most part we limited our interest to earlier mechanical examples, and there is a wonderful and wide variety of them out there to find.  On the left are 3 more examples, the S & S, a Holt Lyon on original jar, and a Universal Mayonnaise mixer.  There are variations of each of these to be found, and all sell in the $300 - $500 range on a good day.

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Dazey Butter Churns

Probably the best-known manufacturer or brand of butter churns are the Dazey line of butter churns.  They came in different Dazey Butter Churns sizes from 1 qt. to 8 qt.  and with a few variations in the way the Dazey logo is marked on the jar.  Some rarer than others. Another variant is those that have an embossed flower on the bottom.  The 1 quart Dazey #10 is the smallest size in that line---and until the advent of the internet, it was considered very scarce or rare.  Now there are numerous Dazey 1 Quarts on internet auctions every week, and their values as well as those of many other previously considered rare kitchen antiques have settled downward considerably.

A Special Note:  There have been numerous reproduction Dazey Churns introduced to the market in several sizes.  Dazey never made a Pint or 1/2 Pint glass butter churn or a salesman sample size glass churn.  Those available and offered for sale these days are all reproductions.  It is a shame eBay talks about frauds and fakes, buyer protection, and all of that and then fails to do anything to actually limit the sales of such frauds.  SHAME on them and the dealers who offer them as something other than fakes with a wink & nod!!!

Other Antique Butter Churns

We can also help you sell other early manufactured patented glass churns that are less frequently found.  Gunn ChurnThe 2 Quart Gunn churn with original paper labels  pictured above on the left is one example.  We are also interested in other earlier manufactured and patented butter churns and mixers like the one here. Jewel Patented Mixer Pictured on the right is the Jewel beater / mixer which was marketed as an eggbeater, cake mixer, cream whipper, and churn.  It was manufactured and patented by Juergens Bros. of Minneapolis, Minnesota near the turn of the last century.  This particular beater as well as many other early churns and beaters were only produced for a few short years,  It still went through design changes so that there are variations that are very hard to find.

Other similar cast iron rotary beaters with glass containers are the Judell, the E-Z Mixer, the Butter-Fly Mixer, the Turn-A-Minit Churn, the Moller Churn, The Globe, either in glass or the cast iron version, and others.  We can help you sell these especially if they are patented and dated.

The unusual patented cast iron clamp-on churn pictured here is unlike anything we chain drive patented churnhad ever seen before, with the most prominent features being that it is chain-driven and that it still retains much of its original black japanning and decorative red pin stripping on the body and wheel.  This churn was probably made for commercial rather than household usage.  The patented feature of this churn was for the air passage that the inventor allowed through the dasher and up through the shaft to incorporate more air into the mixture.  This is a feature that was considered important and incorporated into many eggbeater and churn patent designs from this period. This is the kind of churn that still has the potential to sell for 1000.00 or more on a good day.

Patented Swinging Pendulum ChurnThe wall-mounted swinging pendulum churn pictured here is another example of an unusual and rare butter churn. There are lots of different style wooden churns in the world. This one ranks right up there with the best of them for being one of the most graphic and interesting in design.  To operate this one you swing it back and forth along the half circle gear / hanging bracket, which in turn drives the internal dasher.  When you think of  wooden churns you generally think of the large barrel-style churns that sit in a rocking cradle, but those are much more frequently found. The values of common wooden churns is in the low hundreds if you can find a buyer.  While something like this, in this condition would be very desirable and worth $1000.00 or more to the right collector.

If you have an antique kitchenware that is early and unusual, please contact us at with as many detail as possible and we will get back to you ASAP.

Vintage & Antique Electric Toasters

We Will Buy or Can Help You Sell Your Early Electric Toasters and Other Early Electrical Related Appliances & Antiques!!

We are full time antique dealers with an interest in early electrical technology and devices.  We conduct our antique toaster and other antique sales from our sister site  When you are done here please visit that page to see our current offerings  General Electric D-12 Toasterof antiques we have for sale and to see how we conduct our consignment sales for these and other antiques. If you want to see past sales results see them at this link Toaster Past Sales Page

Below I will give you a short tour of the world of electric toasters. We are interested in helping you identify and selling the best and rarest of early electric toasters and other appliances that date from around the turn of the century. There are also some very collectible ceramic electric toasters that date from the 1920's and 30's. There are also a lot of very common and low value toasters around, dating from the 20's and later and you might do well to check to see how toasters are selling on eBay to get a sense of values these days.

The first US patent for a toaster was granted in 1906, and the first successfully marketed toaster was General Electric's model D-12Porcelier Blue Iridescent Porcelain Electric Toaster (pictured on the left). This early electric toaster came in several variations over the years.  This toaster was also available with a decorated base and over the years the heating element and design of the rack changed a couple of times as well.  Today it is a very popular collectible and it can sell in the $250.00- 2500.00 range depending on the model and condition. I recently sold one with chipped feet for under $100 to give you an idea of what condition can do to value.  It is the first model that sells for the highest amount, and the rest fall in the 200-700 range depending on condition and a few other factors.  They still turn up, and are not all that rare, but because of their desirability and demand still sell well.  We sold a first model D12 Toaster listed on our sales website in the last year or so. 

We can help you sell porcelain based toasters like the Red or Blue Willow pattern toasters.  These are a very popular toaster and Blue Willow Toastrite Toastercommands a premium over more common toasters even in today's down market.   Other assorted solid color porcelain / ceramic base vintage electric toasters like the Toastrite Pan Electric Man. Co. and Porcelier antique toasters are also very desirable and in demand.  They do not sell for what they once did, but still bring good money.  These toasters came in at least 5 different colors or decoration schemes. Porcelier Co. ceramic toasters came in several models and in a variety of different decorations and iridescent color schemes as well. 

The antique toaster just below on the left is another example of this basic early style with its simple legs and coil filament wire heater design.  It is marked faintly on the base, but the date is unreadable and most of the other information is as well.  Other early vintage electric toasters have mica reflectors and many of these toasters with exposed or different and unusual heating elements are of interest.   Vintage Toaster

Toasters went through several periods of design changes during their early development and there are examples from each era that that we are interested in.  Most collectible toasters were introduced or marketed before the 1930's.  After this period the field was narrowed to just a few of the powerhouse makers  churning out toasters for the modern kitchen in huge numbers.  Most toasters produced after this period are pretty common and other than savvy buyers who are buying them to use have minimal value in the collectible market. We still use a vintage automatic drop Sunbeam. 

During the heyday of production innovative designers / makers were offering different designs, and today these different styles are referred Vintage Enameled Toasterto by nicknames describing the way in which they operated---droppers, floppers, tippers, perchers, pinchers, sliders, swingers, flat beds, pop-ups, etc.  Within each of these designations there are easy to find examples and some very hard to find ones. 

Condition is very important to value and toasters that were stored properly or still in use in Great Grandma's old time kitchen and still look great today are usually pretty nice.  Rusted out, burned up, banged up relics that got thrown in the basement with a dirt floor or out in the garage where they rusted are not going to be desirable or have much value.  Pictured here is the porcelain base Simplex Toaster.  As with many of these early toasters, this model also went through several design changes during it production life.  This is an earlier model with wire wrapped ceramic posts or elements.  Later models had an arrangement similar to the D-12 above.  This one is a fancy upgrade to the D-12 with its fold down doors that were made to be removable and the wire pull-out rack at the top to keep a piece of toast warm while waiting for the next ones to come out.  It is aAntique Edison Clamshell Toaster nice looking toaster, but they sell for a fraction of the d-12, and it is considered quite easy to find. 

Vintage Electric Toasters represent American innovation at its best, and there are plenty of examples of great or zany  ideas that went into the seemingly simple task of making a piece of toast.  On the right is an Edison, or Edicraft Clam-Shell Toaster.  I have seen this toaster in the past sell for as much as 2500.00, but in today's market when offered on eBay they do not break 200.  I kept my last one too long and learned that lesson the hard way.

Universal Toaster

If you have or know of any similar toasters to these please contact us at

As everyone was scrambling to try and get market position in this world of new electrical technology, the designers were developing some very innovative and interesting visual designs. The  different makers were trying to sway the fickle consumer to their product line.  It was during this era of innovation,  that every imaginable idea was tried to impress the housewife or husband who had not yet heard about not buying presents for the wife with plugs on them.  Toasters were introduced that had timers, moving conveyors, automatic pop ups or downs, and a host of other novel features.  We can help you with any toaster from this era that has unusual or interesting design features and /or patented features.  

We are active and serious buyers, sellers and dealers in antique toasters and other early electrical devices.  If you have somethingGazelle Toaster that you want to sell please let us know by contacting us at

If you have additional questions about our consignment sales program please see the FAQ page. To see past sales results  for toasters and much more, please visit the Sales Archives through the links on the right.

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Antique Kitchenware & Unusual Patented Household Devices

 We have bought and sold vintage & antique kitchenware for over 20 years.  Over time our tastes and Antique Choppersbuying habits changed.  In the beginning we concentrated on things like vintage Depression glass.  Today pink and green glass are one of the furthest things from our mind.

Our focus evolved to patented and mechanical  antiques and devices from near the turn of the last century or before.  It seems as though just as we were getting the hang of it, the rest of the kitchen collecting crowd moved onward.   The current focus has shifted to more modern devices including electric appliances, Pyrex and Tupperware.  Our interest in the earlier stuff remains and we have resisted moving with the latest craze and the newer stuff with the exception of the earliest and rarest electrical appliances.

patented Lemon Squeezer
In the left hand column of this page are page titles for informational pages you can click to see other specific types of other antiques we deal in.   We have another page devoted entirely antique coffee grinders / mills also. Other related categories are washing & laundry related antiques and ironing related antiques.  Both of these areas of interest have their own page that you can access from the column on the left side.

Please visit our sister website where we have listed for sale many kitchen antiques and assorted Americana.

Nutmeg Graters

Patented and mechanical nutmeg graters are another category Patented Nutmeg Graterof antique or  vintage kitchen tools that we deal in and like.  The one pictured here is made of walnut, cast iron and punched tin, and it is very uncommon.  Other nutmeg graters that we would be interested in were patented by Carsley, Sexton, Ames, Davidson, and others. As with most other collectibles there are some very common nutmegs that can be found as well.  The MTE, the Edger, and others come to mind.  

We are interested in patent models of  any nutmeg grater, or other early kitchen devices.  Pictured here is a patent pmnut.jpg (22826 bytes)model of what would otherwise be a relatively common nutmeg grater.  The fact that it is a patent model, meaning that it is the model that was submitted by the  inventor to the US patent office in the late 1800's as documented by the patent office tag, makes it a one-of-a-kind example and is what gives this piece its value and its interest to us.  We deal in and sell patent models of all sorts of antiques, not just of kitchen items.

If you would like to see examples of past sales results for similar Kitchen antiques like this CLICK HERE or any of the Past Sales archive links on the right.

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Apple Peeler / Parer

Patented and mechanical apple parers, apple peelers and apple slicers patented Thompson Apple Peeler / Slicer / Corer are also of interest. Pictured here is one of the most graphic and mechanically sophisticated examples manufactured. It is known as the Thompson.   Another example pictured here is the Lightening, also known as the Quadrant, which is a clamp-on apple parer that also operates on a geared arc.  This apple parer / peeler comes in Quadrant Apple Peeler several variations, any of which would be of interest.  Other apple peelers, parers and slicers that are considered rare and we can help you sell are the Sun, Tripp Bros., the Bergner, Pratt's Patent, the Buchi, the Star, the Climax, and many others. There are also many common peelers / parers around that rarely sell for more than $20.00.

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Misc. Antique Kitchen Devices

Two other categories of collectible kitchen antiques that we antique raisen seeder deal in are raisin seeders, like the one pictured here, and cherry pitters.  These were intended to be labor-saving devices, although many were of dubious merit.  It is the wilder ideas that were in production for the shortest period of time and those that did not go over well with the buying public that we are most interested in. Common examples are worth little and little in demand. vintage milk shake mixer

Unusual milkshake mixers and other soda fountain and ice cream related antiques are also items we actively deal in.  The milkshake or malt mixer pictured here is an early electric one, but what we are most interested in are mechanical non-electric models such as the Coles Manufacturing Co. rotary shake maker.  There is also another non-electric mechanical version made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Co. as well as others.

The above are examples of the caliber, condition and quality of American kitchen antiques that we are primarily interested in buying. 

If you have quality antiques similar to those that you see on these pages that you want to sell, please contact us at providing as many details as possible. Thank you!!

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Thank you!!
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